Friday Inspiration to design your own urban potager…

I found a site that has some excellent designs for gardens. If you click on the photo it takes you directly to the design site, you can explore on your own and get inspired to think of your space in new ways… We lost 9 arborvitaes that we put in about 8 yrs ago. They were knee-high when I put them in, and last year the drought took them out at about 6 feet! I have been contemplating what to do with space where they use to be, how to make it connect. We are replacing 5 of them and are thinking about how we can fit in a few fruit trees and make it look like it belongs together. When you have limited space, you have to be creative and think out of the box with new materials, recycled, or different ways to work with plants…

Interesting material for a raised bed. I like new ideas for raised beds that think “out of the box”…

Neat use of side yard for workspace…

I really have always liked these stainless steel raised beds. Just wondering where/how to fit and have it look like it belongs..

Love the pergola, lights and how they used the space in this design…every inch accounted for and flowing…

so carefree……

Good use of space and privacy in the city…

hmmmm….easy maintenance…

I would love to have “formal” boxwood beds, but I do not have enough space for this to work. It sure is pretty when some people do have more space. I lean more towards the “informal” potager design since I would want vegetables, herbs, or edible flowers to edge my beds. A bit harder to do, but it can work.

Give me a good book and a cup of tea, I would never leave!

sweet small space…..

Using what you have to create a great place to grow food…

I prefer curved beds just like life…straight lines are boring! I will start sharing some of the ones I find on “inspiration Fridays”…..until next to make some plans…

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  1. I could only dream that my garden could look that pretty! I’m not particularly fond of the galvanized metal stock tanks though. I do wish I had room to incorporate more flowers in with my veggies.


    1. Robbie says:

      I know the galvanized metal stock tanks are different– I like them when others use them , but not sure they would work for me in my garden.I enjoyed this site since it sparked some ideas for me to try in the future. I moved two of my dwarf apple trees today and tomorrow we are putting our new evergreens in the back of the lot. I sort of want to try those curved steel( edging) raised beds. I have an area I may want to explore that option. I have been using ‘old” bricks from our downtown buildings they demolished for raised beds or edgers, and they are starting to show some wear and tear. Affordable option-maybe:-)


    2. Robbie says:

      Oh, I forgot to mention. I’ve seen pictures of your flowers in your veggie beds and they were mighty pretty!


  2. What fabulous ideas and tips on different directions. I really enjoyed your use of different materials in the garden to create interest….Great photos.


    1. Robbie says:

      I can’t take credit for those photos, they belong to the designers on “houzz”. They are amazing ideas that I found the other day. Just click on the pictures and it will take you to more of their designs:-) I sure like them just need to figure out how to utlize them in my own way…they were pretty “creative” that is why I had to share—what people can do when they look around and become inspired:-)


  3. I love all the use of pebbles, too. There’s nothing like that crunchy sound underfoot, not sure why but it’s just relaxing!


    1. Robbie says:

      lol…I love reading your posts on your blog! You are “so witty” and you are so right, not sure why but it makes me feel the same way:-)


      1. u r so kind!!! šŸ˜€


      2. Robbie says:

        We do need more humor in life today! šŸ™‚ and your posts are always fun….


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