Lemon Balm

After I had been diagnosed with cancer in 2000, I started having issues with "stress and anxiety" in my life. I mentioned this to my doctor years ago, and she prescribed a drug called Zoloft. I tried it for a few weeks, and it did make me feel better, but the thought of having to … Continue reading Lemon Balm


It seems inevitable that I do a post or two about Kale in our Urban Potager each growing season. I remember about ten years ago going to the local Farmer Market on a weekly basis to purchase Kale. I remember having to get there bright and early as the market opened, for only a few … Continue reading Kale

Salad burnet

Salad burnet (Sanguisorba Officinalis) YUM! In 2015, I started introducing more perennial edibles to our garden for it makes early winter to spring a bit easier for eating year round. Also, many annual vegetables and herbs are initially grown inside under lights and then placed outside in the garden soil. I have found by the … Continue reading Salad burnet


My garden helps me with changes in my life. I find when I go out there and weed, sow, harvest or just enjoy the beauty it helps me "understand" the changes I encounter in my life..... I had a lot of weeds in my garlic bed this week. I usually try to keep it weed … Continue reading Garlic

Historic Pansy

I can't imagine a spring salad without historic pansies gracing my plate.,,, I have been growing old-fashioned  pansies (historic pansy growing with Chard 2014) in our Urban Potager for many years. I have grown a variety of other pansies. and the colors and faces could never compete with these dainty beauties.I usually pair them with my … Continue reading Historic Pansy