Each year I am amazed at how little I ¬†know about what people ate before we had grocery stores to purchase all our food. Chervil dates back to biblical times. Some people say that the fragrance resembles the myrrh that was given to the baby Jesus by the wise men. This was the reason in … Continue reading Chervil

Lemon Balm

After I had been diagnosed with cancer in 2000, I started having issues with "stress and anxiety" in my life. I mentioned this to my doctor years ago, and she prescribed a drug called Zoloft. I tried it for a few weeks, and it did make me feel better, but the thought of having to … Continue reading Lemon Balm


It seems inevitable that I do a post or two about Kale in our Urban Potager each growing season. I remember about ten years ago going to the local Farmer Market on a weekly basis to purchase Kale. I remember having to get there bright and early as the market opened, for only a few … Continue reading Kale

Salad burnet

Salad burnet (Sanguisorba Officinalis) YUM! In 2015, I started introducing more perennial edibles to our garden for it makes early winter to spring a bit easier for eating year round. Also, many annual vegetables and herbs are initially grown inside under lights and then placed outside in the garden soil. I have found by the … Continue reading Salad burnet


My garden helps me with changes in my life. I find when I go out there and weed, sow, harvest or just enjoy the beauty it helps me "understand" the changes I encounter in my life..... I had a lot of weeds in my garlic bed this week. I usually try to keep it weed … Continue reading Garlic